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Working Vintage Westinghouse Roaster Oven with Accessories.
1. It has an original working clock with start and end times so you can set it to come on when you are gone.
2. There is a Time-Temp Shelf that provides correct cooking temperatures and time at a glance.
3. The lid has a heat proof glass panel that allows you to view your food without removing the lid.
4. Lid holders are molded into the handles on each end of the roaster oven giving you a convenient place to set the lid when checking whats cooking.
5. Control Panel Light lights up when the the heat is on.
6. Versatile Wire Rack with hand bar
7. Stand has the factory rollers that make it easier to move. It has one shelf and is in great condition.
8. Original Recipe and Instruction Book
9. Original Blank Face Plate to use if you take the clock out.
10. Original Broiler Grid that still works - These are hard to find.
11. Original Cord
12. Original Hall Ovenware loaf pan and lid in the Betsy Ross Blue color. Both are chipped but still usable.
We tested it to 500 degrees and it held the cooking temperature. Plugs into a standard 110v outlet. This is a great oven for the vintage kitchen.
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